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Tran Cuong, Colours of Happiness -
Tran Cuong, Gentle Summer -
Tran Cuong, Autumn Cold Breeze -
Tran Cuong, Peaceful Days -
Tran Cuong, Night Scent -
Tran Cuong, Spring in the Suburbs -
Tran Cuong, The First Sunbeam -


Tran Cuong
Tran Cuong, The First Sunbeam - Artist Tran Cuong was born in 1986, lives and works in Hanoi. Graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art Pedagogical University in 2010, granted master's degree in culture from Academy of Social Sciences in 2013. Member of Hanoi Young Artists Club. From 2006 participated in many group exhibitions in Hanoi and other provinces in Vietnam. Solo-exhibition in May 2019 in National Fine art Museum.